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The Happiness Project is rolling!

Everyone wants to be happy. So why does that seem so hard sometimes? We’re starting the fall discovering the truth about what makes us happy. Everytime we talk about it, there are more surprises!

Like some people really are naturally happier. About 50% of your experience of happiness is based on your personality and your genetics. That part is pretty stable over time.

Another 10% of your happiness comes from your circumstances. That's why whatever you have in the statement, "If only I had (put your thing here) then I'd be happy!" only makes you happy for a short time. It's more the change than the product or achievement itself that makes you feel happy.

Which brings us to the 40% of your happiness that's left. That part is primarily your choices. Doesn't matter what your genetics and your circumstances hand you, the choices you make around how you'll respond to events is what determines your feelings of happiness. 

There's more Happiness Project to be talked about yet. Why not stop by on Sunday morning at 10:30 am. Come a little early and have a free (good) coffee. Looking forward to seeing you at Circle Drive Church. Corner of Preston and Circle Drive in Stonebridge.